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Yoga Day
  • Event Date: 21-Jun-2021
  • Updated On: 22-Jun-2021
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Description: Since its inception in the year 2015, June 21st is celebrated as The International Yoga Day all over the world. This idea was proposed by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. The term yoga has a Sanskrit origin which means 'union'. It combines physical exercises, mental meditation and breathing techniques to strengthen the muscles and release stress.
This year our school celebrated the 7th International Yoga Day on a virtual platform with this year's theme 'YOGA FOR WELL BEING'
. The programme started with the awareness by the school head girl followed by the prayer by the sports captain. Before beginning with yoga some warm up exercises were performed by the students of Amartya Sen house, followed by different yoga asanas performed by the students of other houses . All the students and teachers enthusiastically participated in this online session to mark The International Yoga Day. On this ocassion our Principal Sister Goretti Tirkey shared the importance and need of practising yoga to stay fit and healthy. She added that the celebration of International Yoga Day was a reminder to incorporate yoga in everyday routine to enjoy a happy life and reduce the effects of stress and other physical ailments. The programme then ended up by a vote of thanks by the associate head girl who concluded with a saying from Bhagavad Gita " YOGA IS A JOURNEY OF THE SELF, THROUGH THE SELF AND TO THE SELF".