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Mary Ward Compass Celebrated
  • Event Date: 29-May-2021
  • Updated On: 03-Jun-2021
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Description: As the school has again reverted back to the virtual platform, the school took the responsibility of making sure that children are'nt deprived of the taste and benefit of the co-curricular activities.
On the 29th of May , children of class 11 and 12 were asked to perform the poster making and jingle making activities respectively, for which the topics were chosen on the basis of one of the values from the mary ward compass ,ie. 'Guiding and guarding in the use of media'
In the poster making activity , children were asked to choose from 2 topics i.e 'Technology- an inclusion to childhood stress' or 'The effect of social media on identity:meeting the conventional standards and losing your identity'.
Students efficiently exhibited their creativity by making mesmerising posters, for the topic seemed relatable to students.
The posters were then sent to the classteachers via mail for their feedback.
The jingle making activity required students to form a jingle on the topic 'baleful influence of technology on childhood' of upto 30-50seconds.
By adding beats and sounds to their meaningful jingles, students showcased their inventiveness effectively.
The jingles were then mailed to the respective class teachers.
Going by the qoute of mary ward 'Do good and do it well' students successfully performed the activity and it also acted as a stress reliever from the everyday online school schedule for the students.