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A Journey Towards Happydemic: Junior section staff orientation
  • Event Date: 08-Jun-2021
  • Updated On: 08-Jun-2021
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Description: The junior section staff orientation was held on 7th June, 2021. The orientation was conducted by the junior section coordinator Mrs. Priyanka Sebastian virtually. The entire Junior section staff along with our Principal Sr. Goretti Tirkey and Sr. Pushpa were present.The program began with the prayer service invoking the power of God's blessing into our life and circumstances. Each one of us lighted a candle and paid our gratitude to God for bestowing us with his bountiful blessings. The light of the candle symbolised Love,Peace,Hope and Joy that engulfs us during these testing times. The prayer service was followed by a beautiful session of meditation designed thoughtfully to help us establish space for ourself. A fun activity conducted using Mentimeter helped us all to come out of our comfort zone and get ready for the eventful session that followed. Each one of us were divided into smaller groups and took part in group discussion. It was through these breakout rooms that each one of us could listen and speak out. The session ended with an inspiring video entitled 'The Tree'.We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sr.Goretti and ma'am Priyanka for being so thoughtful towards our need during such unpredictable time. This orientation enriched us with new experiences and helped us discover and explore our inner self. This orientation program served as a stress.