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Woman’s Day celebrated 2021
  • Event Date: 08-Mar-2021
  • Updated On: 08-Mar-2021
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Description: Woman’s Day 2021
Everyday should be celebrated as Women’s day. However to honor their achievement the UN announced March 8, as the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. This is the day to acknowledge their courage of breaking stereotypes and coming out as stronger women who are more focused and beaming with grit and fortitude.
The theme for this year’s Women day is “women in leadership achieve an equal future in a Covid -19 world”. It highlights how women can be equal partners in decision making process especially, those regarding policy making. This year the need of the hour is to bring to light the tremendous efforts by women and girls around world in shaping more equal future and recovery from The Covid -19 pandemic, and highlight the gaps that remain.
The students celebrated the occasion day by organizing special assemblies on this theme elaborating the fact that heroes are people who have given their lives to something bigger than themselves, who despite all odds and challenges don’t quit but use these challenges as stepping stones.
Women who not only fought the challenges life threw at them but who emerged through the fire only to make the world a better place were celebrated. The students realized that they were born as ‘Women of steel’ and they should pledge not to let anyone or anything stop from them becoming the best versions of themselves.