Head Girl's Message
Head Girl's Message 2022

It feels as if we are lived and incomplete life
it feels as if we are buried deep inside
All the emotions and expectations
Of never failing is to rise

But we forget that are Glory is not in never failing but in always rising and prevailing

So let's fall and let's stand up again because that is a new chance for us to grow up once again

It fills me with immense pride to be appointed as a leader of this prestigious institution Loreto Convent Tara hall, a place that, over the years has changed from being a mere concrete building to a loving home. A home where I have been bestowed with the responsibility of holding its flag and wearing its colours, and for this my heart beholds a deep sense of gratitude to our respected principal Sr.Goretti and the council of teachers, to whom I owe every bit of who I am today.

As is rightly said," leadership is not about titles, position or flowcharts, it is about one life influencing another." To every student I pledge your council of egalitarianism and justice. To every council member whose assistance and support I ask in accomplishing this dream into a reality, let's surpass our limits right here and right now and bearing the school spirit of Loreto Ohana raise the school crest to a new zenith of excellence and brilliance.

Lastly, as the feelings of responsibility, honour and contentment reside in me and so does the memory of the legends this tradition of excellence has created, my only message to each and every Loretoite is that:

Deep into the darkness peer and stay long, wondering fearing or even doubting but still dreaming, dreaming dreams that no mortal has ever dared to dream before because that is what Loreto stands for and that is what we shall all together strive for.

Best Wishes

(Head Girl)

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