Venue: HP
    Event Date: 23-May-2020

    29 states and 7 union territories joined hands to bring out solutions for the contemporary environmental problems that India faces. Students from 36 schools under the umbrella of WWF India came together to conquer the environmental issues from the 16th to the 23rd of May, 2020. Devwani Thakur and Shreyhana Bali(class XII Non med) through an interview got selected as the representatives of Himachal. Through the virtual forum "Model Conference of Parties 1" the student delegate deliberated and analysed the priority areas and the targets for the sames. The representatives were trained and given instructions during the 6 day pre MCoP sessions where we drafted the resolutions for not only our state but also fir the entire country. The young minds were enlightened and encouraged by esteemed speakers from all around the world. The final sessions were on the 22nd and 23rd where the final declaration was drafted and presented to the authorities. This MCoP urges the citizens to work fir the betterment and protection of the environment and the biodiversity. India is a home to enormous flora and fauna, which is dying out due to the reckless nature of humans. We can foster it as we are the "agents of change"