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  • Event Date: 31-Jul-2019
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Description: Classes Nursery and K.G. participated in the activity called “ Brushing my teeth”, which was held on 31ST JULY, 2019 In this activity children were taught how to use the brush , gargle and rinse their mouth. They were also advised to brush their teeth twice a day .All the students participated actively and followed the instructions given to them. The learning objective of this activity was to maintain personal hygiene and become aware techniques of brushing the teeth.
Classes I and II participted in an activity on table manners. Manners were taught for social interaction that will serve them for rest of their lives. They learnt how to set the table and eat with fork and knife. Learning objective of this activity was to strengthen the etiquette skills.
An inter- House Spell Bee activity was organised on 31 July as day 6 activity for Class -3. This activity helped the students to improve their spelling , enhance their vocabulary, learn concepts and develop the correct usage of English.
Class 4 and 5 participated enthusiastically in the “ Word Train “ which is a game on nouns as their day 6 activity. They used their imagination and memory power to remember the words associated with a particular thought or theme while playing the game . It helped the children to flex their vocabulary skills and have fun at the same time .