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  • Event Date: 15-Dec-2018
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Description: The ex-students of Loreto Convent Tara Hall came together for the reunion with great anticipation of meeting old friends and renewing old ties. It was a joy to see around fifty old loretoites back in school. They were nostalgic with old memories of school and discussed how much things had changed and yet everything still felt comfortingly familiar. While all sat down to enjoy the snacks and reminiscing, it felt wonderful to be back and listen to everyone’s stories. The ex-students enjoyed singing the old hymns like “God’s love is so wonderful”, “Walk with me oh my lord” and many others. The students stood up with a sense of pride to sing the Loreto Chorus. They enjoyed sitting amidst the singing of Christmas Carols as they enjoyed the calm and peaceful ambience.
They were enthralled to see the Irish dance and sang “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Jingle Bells” and many other songs. Mam Ritu acquainted the ex-students with the various school activities which were followed by Sr.Nirmala’s speech. There were suggestions from the ex-students to bring about different changes in the school. A PPT presentation was made for the ex-students. The presentation show cased different portions of the old building. It included the picture of the “Chapel”, “The golden staircase”, “The Orange parlour” and many other rooms of the building. The ex-students were asked to recognize those pictures and name them. This helped to review their old memories. They talked over lunch and the communication was stimulating and enjoyable with the view of the school. With passing years the hair may have grayed but the wits were still alive. It did not end here, the celebrations continued with the ex-students dancing with Santa Claus. At the conclusion there was again a demand for a repeat next year. The ex-students took their Souvenir’s before they left school and promised to be back the next year.