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Class VII Tulip went to visit the Army Museum
  • Event Date: 12-Sep-2018
  • Updated On: 12-Sep-2018
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Description: 12TH September, 2018 the students of class VII Tulip went to visit the Army Museum located at Anandale, near the helipad, with their class teacher Ms.Indu Tegta and Mrs.Geeta Bansal, a parent. The visit was very enlightening and informative for the children. They learnt about the different gallantry awards, Army uniforms, medals and the weapons used by the army. The Roll of Honour displayed, highlighted the names of the great sons of the soil. The children were also shown the prestigious flags of the different battalions.
The children were really mesmerized and the pictures of lovely moments captured of a peace treaty being signed, aroused the patriotic sentiments of the children. It was a day well spent. We all salute these brave sons who risk their lives to keep us safe and secure.