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Excursion To Annadale
  • Event Date: 13-Sep-2018
  • Updated On: 13-Sep-2018
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Description: On 13 /September our class 7 Rose went to the Army Museum, Annadale. All the students felt ecstatic after the beautiful walk to Annadale. The students were amazed to see the beauty of nature. They reached the museum in about 25 minutes. The students were greeted by the greenery of the valley. Mr.Yash Pal told the students about the history of Annadale and the Heritage of the museum.
The Students were divided into two groups and taken into the museum. He told the students all about the Army and the co-relation of the religious books with the army. The students saw all the army weapons, uniforms, medals, flags etc.
The students saw the Shaurya Hall in which there was a Conference Hall, replica of the Inter Country Border Meeting Hall. They saw the models of the Kargil & Longewala War.
The students saw the glass house where there were different varieties of plants. They enjoyed themselves a lot and came to know about the Army culture which is symbolic of precision & patriotism.