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  • Event Date: 12-Apr-2019
  • Updated On: 12-Apr-2019
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Description: Junior section of LCTH took pride in glorifying and celebrating, Himachal Day on 12th April. To mark the importance of this day a grand celebration was held in the school. Children were enlightened through a PowerPoint presentation depicting the beautiful landscape tourist places, famous temple, flora and fauna, dresses, food and dance forms of Himachal. Sr. Nirmala along with Sr. Tressia and Sr. Pushpa wished the teachers and students on this special day, after which students assembled on the Gonzaga terrace with the teacher. A beautiful, mesmerizing and synchronized natti was done by the children and teachers. Sheer expression of happiness and merriment was seen all around the place. Children enjoyed sumptuous Himachali food during the lunch time