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Description: Model United Nation is a platform for the young minds to grab the opportunity to learn and win by representing different nations and committees as delegates. On the 25th and 26th of May, 2019, 23 student of Loreto Convent Tarahall (2 reporters, 3 photographers and 18 delegates) attended the St. Edward’s Model United Nations participating in different committees. The sessions were carried on with respect to the agenda concerned with different committees. The United Nations Security Council had two major dockets, Transnational organised Crime and International Arrest Warrant, while those of United Nation General Assembly and the Joint Parliamentary Session were Non Proliferation Treaty, Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and Uniform Civil Code respectively with 6 delegates representing Loreto Shimla in each committee. All the delegates, along with the international press were witnessed participating actively and vigorously. Bagging the award for the best Delegation EDMUN 2019, team A of Loreto Convent was appreciated along with the entire group for their exceptionally ideal behaviour and exemplary skills in their respective arenas. The participants gave a positive feedback of the event as they were glad to compete with a huge number of experienced delegates and considered it as an inspiration. They also found the opportunity to interact with many people but also contributed towards the enhancement of their personality and communication skills. It can be concluded that EDMUN 2019 stood as an inspirational exposure to all the students participating accompanied by the faculty members of Loreto.
Learning cannot exist in the absence of experience and experience comes solely from exposure!