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Description: The spaceX camp organized for classes VI to X was held on 22nd & 23rd of May, 2019 at St. Edward's School, Shimla. This camp was attended by the students of Loreto Convent Tara Hall, Sacred Heart Convent & St Edward’s School.
In the beginning of this camp the students were given a sticker which the students had to put on the left arm & according to the label on the sticker the students were divided into groups of five each. The groups were named Apollo-11, Insight Discovery, Challengers & Orion. After being divided into groups the students were introduced to the group Leaders. This SpaceX camp team had come from Mumbai.
The students were given information about the rockets, its launching, space shuttles, satellites etc. The students were told about the life of an astronaut, as to how they live and workout while they are travelling in space. The students were made to do certain activities such as the training to become an astronaut. Also the students were told that in order to become an astronaut, first they should become a pilot.
The students were taught to make a rocket & once the students made the rockets they were taken to the open where they launched them. After that the students saw a PowerPoint presentation on topics related to space. The students were given different tasks, such as, to make a parachute by using their own brains as to how the students could prevent the egg from breaking which was kept inside the cup. The students had to assume an egg to be a man. The students were asked to make such a parachute which would help them land safely after throwing it from a height. Therefore each group came up with different ideas and style and were given points accordingly. At the end the students made bridges which was another group task.
Different question were asked from the students in an interactive session. Therefore on the whole this camp turned out to be a very informative & interesting one which was enjoyed by all the students. At the end the students were told about the career options in the astronomical field. The students were given medals a certificates & a smart watch as mementoes. The students were given a rocket & space shuttle making kit. It was a wonderful experience for the students to gain practical knowledge and experience.
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