Student Council Message
Student Council - 2019

Asmit Giriraj Chauhan
“Leadership means having the self-confidence to believe you can make a difference, the passion to believe it matters, and the courage to risk it all because you believe it matters.”

There is no limit to what we can achieve. Being the head girl isn’t about being better than anyone else, but it’s about winning the trust of the student body and to organize and represent them with honestly and enthusiasm.

This school has guided me to be mature and has taught me to be the better than yesterday. The amount of affection I have for this institute and the people is beyond words. The honour and responsibility that I have received has been something I had been dreaming about since I was a child. I remember looking up to all the past leaders who have done so much for the school and I look forward to do the same. Now I believe that leadership is not about position but about action. Along with my team of council members I am looking forward to have a year full of enthusiasm and positivity.

Let’s take our school to greater heights of success. We will travel this road together and work in union to keep Loreto’s Banner flying high up in the sky, mounted with love, hoisted with dignity and fluttering with grace.

Best Wishes

Asmit Giriraj Chauhan
(Head Girl)

Vice Head Girl
Games Captain
Vice Games Captain
Amartya House Captain
Amartya House Vice Captain
Captain Ashok House
Vice Captain Ashok House
Mary Ward House Captain
Mary Ward House Vice Captain
Captain Nehru House
Vice Captain Nehru House
Captain - Shakespeare House
Vice Captain - Shakespeare House
Captain - Tagore House
Vice Captain - Tagore House
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