Admission Procedures

Admissions to the school are made by the Principal, who co-opts a committee to help her in this task. The final decision is with the Principal who accepts students into the school, as far as possible, according to the norms outlined below:

Priorities for admission are:
  • Catholics/Christians, in particular those of the parish
  • Children of staff members
  • Sisters of children already in the school, as far as possible
  • Other children of the locality, as far as possible.

In general:
  • Some non-academic system of selection is used at Nursery/KG level, in order to assess their social readiness for schooling. Children of this age are not tested academically.
  • Lack of knowledge of English is never a reason for refusal to Nursery/KG classes
  • Normally children already studying in a recognized school of the area are not accepted
  • No third party is entertained in negotiations for admission. No recommendations are required.

  • The Admission procedure to nursery is normally started in mid August. The dates for the admission forms to nursery are usually displayed on the notice board by mid August.
  • The notice for admission to class XI is also put up on the notice board in October.